Tuesday, October 15, 2013

downtown disney

so for our first day at disney we went to downtown disney
i've never been there and found it to be a fun place to visit
we spent a 1/2 day there just shopping, walking around , and checking things out.

of course there are plenty of disney shops all over, a big lego store, and lots of cute halloween decorations!

 molly enjoyed looking at all of the lego statues

 we took a short ride in this
it is not a free floating air balloon, but is tied to the ground so it was a very smooth "flight"
molly loved seeing everything from high above!

 the chalk artist was decorating the sidewalk

 molly loved being squirted by stitch!

this was a good way to spend 1/2 a day
of course there was a lot more you could do...a movie theatre, cirque de soleil, and more.
but after a few hours we were ready to explore the parks.  

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