Wednesday, October 16, 2013

mickey's not so scary halloween party, 2013

we had such a good time at the mickey's not so scary halloween party
fall/halloween is just the best time to visit disney!
we got to the park at 4 and stayed until midnight!
whew, were we tired!

 all of the princesses are so beautiful and lovely
the new fairy tale hall has the princesses along with their prince
so it's fun to see them both!
this year she saw tiana, and she loves that movie!
 princess aurora was impressed with molly's princess aurora light up shoes!
 the classics...cinderella and snow white!

 rapunzel and flynn
 and this is a classic photo op!  we waited in line forever to see the 7 dwarfs!
they only appear all together at the halloween party

 we went right in to see mickey when we arrived


 the halloween party starts at 7pm, but you are allowed to enter the park at 4pm
so that saved us a day's park ticket
but we actually arrived a bit too early so we took the boat from magic kingdom to the grand Floridian and grabbed a bite to eat
 simply gorgeous
i hope to stay there one day!

 she took an autograph book for the first day and then got tired of carrying it around
we'll try again when she's a little older
they have nicer autograph books at disney (this is a cheaper $1 find) that have one side for the autograph and the other side for a picture 

 she did all of the 40" tall requirement rides this year including the haunted mansion
it was a little scary, but she did good!

 we brought our own light up wands, necklaces, and bracelets

 getting her magic fairy dust!
 inside belle's cottage there is a picture of belle and her mother
so sweet!
 the magic mirror
 this is all apart of the new fantasyland...belle's cottage and the belle "experience"
it's so cute!
inside this room they assign different "roles" to the kids as the "try out" for each part
it should be no surprise to people who know molly that she neighed the loudest and got picked as phillipe!

 after the roles are assigned we move into another room and lumiere lights up and speaks
we all surprise belle and they begin to act out the story

 we had to do the a 2nd time also later in the week!

 lovin' he boo to you parade!

it was a perfect way to begin the trip!!

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