Tuesday, November 12, 2013

it's the most wonderful time of the year...

for the past 4 years molly and i have greeted santa on the first day he arrived at our local mall
this year the radio city rockettes came with him
it always starts the holiday season in a fun way

 here is molly rockin' her red boots again!!
 molly loves santa!  she always has loved sitting on his lap and telling him what she's hoping to get on christmas day!

 she's almost as happy to see the chick fil a santa cow!
want to know what she was so seriously asking santa for??  see below...

after our visit we go to several toy stores and i let her take pictures with my iphone of what she's really hoping for...i ask her to "rate it" like it or love it!

then i explain that santa can't bring everything because he has so many kids to visit, but maybe something on her list will show up on christmas morning!
so this is her "list", keep in mind most of these pics were taken by her!
 she wants a dog bed (from build a bear) and a dog brush
she doesn't really care too much for the actual "bears" in that store
she only likes the dog accessories

 this random barbie...only b/c it includes a horse
 this is supposed to be the horse
 a dirt devil vacuum! ha!
 a pirate ship
 a dragon
 a tummy stuffer
 a truck and horse trailer
 a puppy dog
 any kind of horse

 a pink phone (this is from pottery barn kids and really works!)
 horse & stable

i hope santa reads blogs!!

1 comment:

Becky said...

I have a grand daughter that gets traumatized by the chick fil a cow! Rather comical. Thanks for sharing your school snacks. I want to look for the roasted edamane.

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