Sunday, November 17, 2013

weekend wrap up

molly and i had a very fun filled weekend!
it started on friday night...ambre invited us to join her and madison for backstage tickets to the rockettes!
{for free}!!
this was technically their dress rehearsal, but you'd never know the difference
it was the perfect girls night!
 we donned our fancy holiday clothes and hit the town!
grand ole opry bound!

 i've gone backstage at the grand ole opry one other time 
that was for an actual opry performance
i just love backstage or "inside scoop" things like that:)
 but the real purpose this time was to get to pet the animals that appear in the live nativity scene at the end of the show
if you've never seen the rockettes at christmas time, you need to go
they are so good!
 the camels, donkey, and some of the sheep are the same ones who've appeared in the nashville show for the last 10 years! wow!
sadly, for the next 7 ? weeks they will live under this tent in the back parking lot of the opry:(
although i'm sure they are taken care of, it's still not your optimal home for animals!

then on saturday morning we were up early with another christmas outfit on for a trip to the symphony
if you are local, i encourage you to look into the pied piper series at the nashville symphony
they have an instrument "petting zoo" one hour before the show
and the kids can touch, play, and learn about the different instruments
the concerts are only about 45 minutes long and are usually paired with puppets or a storyteller, or something to go along with the music
i think it's such a great way to expose your child to the arts, to sitting still for a performance, and a great opportunity to take your kids downtown

 since i knew we would be walking around downtown some molly wore her red boots!
she was a big hit of course!

 i'd love for her to play an instrument one day
any instrument would do, but i love the violin!

 this week's performance (there are about 4-5 a year) was peter and the wolf!
it was fabulous!

 after the concert, we walked over to our new convention center and strolled around a bit
 here we are on one of the observation decks
you could see the whole city and molly loved that!
 after lunch we got an ice cream snack on broadway!
we had a prime seat at the table with a window view...a great place to people watch!

 we walked all the way down broadway...we passed all of the honky tonks with live music and molly had to peak in to all of the and listen!
when a few of the singers would glance her way and see her boots they waved or gave a thumbs up
i think she would have joined them on stage if they had asked her!  ha!
 we found this great aqua wall for a little photo op!

it was a really great saturday
sadly, it will be my last saturday to have time all day as i'm starting a part time job this week:(
i've made some stupid financial decisions this year (and for the last 20 years really) 
and i've decided to kick it and try to pay off all of my debt before my big 40 (which gives me a little over a year)
so, i'll be working most saturday afternoons and some nights m-f as well
it will be hard, but it's not a forever thing
it's just a must do now thing

when i think in 11 short years molly will be driving age
and then 2 years after that she'll be college age
i start to hyperventilate a bit at all of the expense that will come with those years in particular

so i've got to start taking money serious
i thought about getting a bucket and standing on the street corner on the weekends
because that is a popular thing in my area
evidently they make lots of money
but, i thought it may be a disgrace to my family
or my profession
or myself

so, i settled with a "real" job
a 2nd "real" job
{a 3rd if you count the furniture painting i've been doing on the side}

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