Monday, January 27, 2014

January update

This month has gone by so fast and it's hard to believe we are a few days away from February!
Like the rest of the country, we've been in the "polar vortex" however we haven't had any snow:(
i want some serious snow days this winter, but i don't think it's coming...

now for an update for this month:

 molly and i rung in the new year at home together!
i printed off these clocks and taped them to our door
on the back i wrote an activity for each hour of the night like making cookies, making pizzas, coloring, etc.
i think we made it through 3 or 4 of them before bedtime called!

 molly has really been into "writing books" these days
she loves to cut, staple, and tape them together and i love to see her excited about reading and writing!

 i think she is writing her thank you notes for christmas here
 christmas break is our time for our 6 month cleaning
she does really well at the dentist and is usually interested in all of the gadgets lying around
 i sold my new van on craigslist in december in an attempt to boost my 'get out of debt by the time i turn 40' plan! ha!

i purchased the new van during a weak moment one weekend a year ago and although i loved it, it was too big and i didn't really need the space
so i used the money to buy a cheaper used car for now
as part of my 'get out of debt plan' i'm also working a part time job at the ymca and tutoring every afternoon during the week
the extra income helps to give me a little boost, especially since i took a big pay cut this year going to a different school district.

 the cousins have been together playing some this month

 molly LOVES playing with her horses!
you can look closely and see 'Sven' from Frozen in the mix

 her favorite thing is to stay home (on saturdays and school holidays) in her pj's, set up her barn and animals and play with them

 sometimes dinosaurs are in the mix too, ha!

 Most of these horses I found at a yard sale last summer!
They are her favorite toys by far!

 molly's little prek class had a "teddy bear" parade around the school on friday
they put their little bears inside of their shoebox "floats" and toured the hallways
you can see her giving "high fives" to some of the 4th graders here and in other pics below she's actually giving hugs to my class!
you can imagine what my 4th graders think of her...she is in our class for about 15 minutes each morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon and they feel like they have a little sister!
they take turns walking her to class each morning and picking her up in the afternoons
when she passes them in the hallway or during an assembly they are all calling her name! 
it's so cute!

 Sunday was a beautiful day before colder temperatures settle in again so we spent some timeoutside
we had lunch at pancake pantry after church

here she is showing off her "lilly" button before we went to see the play lilly's purple plastic purse!

 we made good use of a warmer, sunny day and went to Centennial park to feed the ducks and pigeons
 all of the ducks stayed in the water (part of the pond was frozen) and didn't come to get the food
i guess they are full!
but, these pigeons enjoyed it!

as a side note my weight loss journey is still moving forward!  i haven't made a video lately, but go to the surgeon today for my 6 month check up and will post again then.  

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