Monday, March 3, 2014

February 2014

February 2014 came and went in a flash!
today is march 3 and we finally have a snow day so i can catch up a bit...
 we dressed up in our chinese new year dress for church
 and she wore her chinese silks to school with her "year of the horse" necklace!

 after school we went to a special chinese new year celebration at the discovery house in murfreesboro, tn
it was crowded, but fun!

 and, we came home to make chinese new year cupcakes!
this is a random picture that i thought was so funny...a few times this year madison has come to my classroom during the day because she was "sick"...i say it in quotes b/c i think she's sort of like her aunt amy and knows how to "fake sickness" for a little attention!
so on this day, she said she needed to lay down and took my pillow and laid right in the floor!  i texted this picture to ambre to get her opinion and i think we sent her back to her classroom! ha!

 and celebrated christmas with aunt judy...
yes, we always celebrate christmas with judy in february...don't ask!

 we celebrated our 4 year referral anninversary and took our annual picture of her holding her referral picture

 got ready for valentines day in our heart dress and heart shoes!

 i enjoyed a ton of goodies from my class on v-day!
 molly and i worked hard on her class valentines
(thanks pinterest!)

 molly had "sneupert" come home from school one weekend and we had to take pictures with him and record a journal entry in a notebook for her to take back to her class and share!
she enjoyed that!
 we went to the symphony for a special kids concert,
"princesses and knights"
 she loves the symphony "petting zoo" where they can try out all of the instruments!

 even sneupert got to try one

 for the germophobes out there wondering...they spray and wipe off the mouthpieces after each kid
it seems kind of gross, but i guess it's sanitary??

 this was our pitiful attempt at creating some snow this winter! 
we had to buy snow in a can!

 when you kept adding water to it, it would grow bigger
enough to make this pitiful snowman

all in all a great month!
we're thankful for this snow day, but looking forward to spring as well!

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Becky said...

If you wanted snow, I could have sent you some. I about wept when I looked out the window this morning and saw more snow!! You guys always do the neatest things together.

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