Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday, Madison!

This weekend we celebrated Madison's 8th birthday!
(Ambre and Eddie were in Colorado on a ski trip for their 11th anniversary)
 We started at the mall on Friday night
we shopped, rode the carousel, and ate supper in the food court
everyone picked a different restaurant! 
on the way home, madison lost a the tooth fairy came in the night!
 the tooth fairy left $1 and a pack of earrings
 here the 3 musketeers are on saturday morning
she opened presents and we had a birthday breakfast (steak and eggs!)

 part of her birthday tradition is that i give her a charm every year on her birthday
she is at the age now where she is really interested in looking back through her album and looking at the charms
i place each charm in a scrapbook album and write an entry to her
the "deal" is that when she is 16 she will get the charm bracelet and we can attach all the charms
she's really excited for this...and now we are 1/2 way to 16! (hard to believe)
 so, while eddie and molly were occupied, madison and i took some time to look at all 8 of her charms together and i read her all of the journal entries through the years
she really loved that!

 here are all of her charms in order as she got them...
1 year old:  baby "mary janes"
2 year old:  "big sister"
3 year old:  "i love you"...also symbolic b/c she has always sucked her middle 2 fingers 
4 year old: "princess charm"
5 year old: "school charm" for prek
6 year old:  "backpack" for kindergarten
7 year old: "jackolantern" for our halloween parties
8 year old: "ballerina slippers"...she picked these out this year. it was a hard choice and she loved looking at all of the charms.
i buy them all at James Avery

 I think it is so important that we leave hand written letters, journals, scrapbooks for our kids
this day and time it is easy to get too techy...but i know now that my father, grandfather, and grandmother are gone i love to come across things with their handwriting on it!  Especially something of significance like a letter to me!

 she got some doll clothes and some clothes for her too
i love this age...when they are tweeny, but still play with dolls!
keep 'em little!

 this is her charm bracelet album
 after breakfast, we made her birthday cake!
i bought this tie die cake in a box at target
and it was so easy and cute!
 madison loved it!
is that the cutest thing ever??

 we sang happy birthday and she blew out the candles!

So, we had a great celebration weekend and topped it off with a snow day today on her actual birthday!
Happy Birthday, Madison!!

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Jen said...

I love the charm scrapbook idea. Are you starting the same thing for your sweet girl?

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