Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Easter, 2014

it's been a true blessing this year to teach in the same school as Molly (and Madison and Eddie) attends
for Easter lunch i was able to slip away from my classroom and eat with Molly in the cafeteria
kids get so excited (at this age) to have their parents join them for lunch!
she couldn't stop hugging me!

 here, her little prek class is waiting for their egg hunt!
 the parents "hid" the eggs and the kids were so excited!

 and they're off!
molly only got a few eggs...she would walk by eggs right in front of her and i just watched
i could tell she was looking for something, i just didn't know what
i didn't want to be "that parent" telling her kid to pick up this egg or that egg!
so after the hunt i said, "molly, what were you looking for?"
she said..."the golden egg, mommy...i didn't get it!"
 it was so funny...the story behind that is that the night before we were preparing eggs for our family hung on sunday.  i had a golden egg and put $5 in it and said, "molly i want you to find this egg b/c mommy needs this money back!" ha! just kidding...but she was totally listening to me evidently.
so for her class hunt, she was focused on finding the golden egg that wasn't even there.
oh well...

 they got to open 3 eggs and eat the treats inside
all the eggs were taped and she was volunteering to help her friends open their eggs here.

 the easter bunny came!
he left a bible, pete the cat book, some sophia stuff, and a little candy

 i have some really cute easter dresses with easter baskets and bunnies but she is still too little for them!
she's 5.5 , but wears a size 4 in dresses so we resorted to this dress from last summer
it's adorable!

 and we're off to church for sunday easter service!

 after church everyone came to my house for lunch and an egg hunt
it's great to have all the cousins here!
we had gorgeous weather!

 now the family egg hung...looking for the golden egg!
 baby cute!

 do you see the concerned look on eddie's face??  he wouldn't pick up one egg, i mean not a single egg unless it was the golden egg! ha!  he wanted the $5 and that is all he could think of. unfortunately for him, kayla found the golden egg.  but, he lucked out in the end and found some eggs with $1 in them after the egg hunt was over.  i think he ended up with $5 anyway!  all molly got was chocolate and that made her very happy! ha!

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