Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 2014

i never forget what a hectic and busy month May is each year
even with pre planning, it can wear you down 
but we had some really fun things going on this month that i want to remember!
 our good friends from our travel group came to visit us for an evening!
molly and eliana love to play with each other! 
they are in dc, i wish we were closer!

 and the big news...molly is a Kindergarten-er now!!
On her last day, her class performed the cutest little musical in their room!
It was precious!

 this is what school events have come to now...on one hand the camera and the other the iphone!

 My pre-k graduate!

 we had a special graduation celebration for my cousin, Kelsie
this was fun because all of the cousins/great grandkids were together which doesn't happen very often

 this is (from left-right) samantha, madison, amber, molly, eddie, kayla, kelsie, and baby kara

 granny maze with all of her great grandkids!

 kelsie with her friends

 aunt judy, kelsie, mom, and eddie
 samantha and kelsie
 kelsie and her mom, tiffany
 gift time!

 kelsie, faye, and ray

 and...the picture is blurry but this is mother's day!
mama maze and molly

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