Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Fun

we've had a great start to our summer vacation
it's been busy, bu so good to be able to sleep in and enjoy relaxing days
 it's not been terribly hot yet, but we still had to check out the sprinklers!

 molly had strep throat the first week :(  she ran a high fever for a few days, but quickly recovered
at the same time she got her kindergarten shots
she was not a happy girl!
 i've included her %tile charts for my own memory...they came out sideways, but you can see she's tiny in comparison to others her age

the following few pictures were found on my ipad...they are so silly together!

i've tried to have "school" with her each morning
she really wants to learn to read so we are beginning some word recognition activities
she's not a huge fan of coloring or art, but will tolerate it if we can "make believe" we are actually in school...complete with the bell ringing, morning pledge, and me answering to "mrs. pollard" (the teacher she hopes to get in kinder.) ha!

 this week we had vbs at our church
eddie and maddie joined us and they loved it!

 all the songs had great movements and motion to them which the kids loved!
 eddie was completely doing the motions until he saw me taking his picture!  little stinker!

miriam is molly's little friend at church that was also adopted from china
they are so cute together!

 does this picture of eddie sitting just make you laugh?  he didn't really want to be a part of it.  he's not quite as outgoing (in public) as the girls are!
 and here molly is this morning in her snow white dress for church
it is a size 3T and one in a series of several "angel wing" smocked dresses we've had for 3 years
i think this may be the last year she can wear them 
and then i may cry
real tears
because i love girls in smocked dresses 
and my girl is growing up too fast!!!

6 more weeks of summer
slow down!

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