Thursday, August 7, 2014

preparing for school/end of summer!

it's been a whirlwind of a summer for sure!
i've been working and moving classrooms and there really hasn't been one moment to rest!  
 here is my work crew helping in my classroom!
 this is what they prefer to do...tie eddie up in a web!
 ropes and string have always been molly's favorite thing!

 we spent some time with my friend candace and her son shepherd who was adopted from china also.
we are considering arranged marriage!

 i'm in a portable this year and had to fancy it up a bit with some green paint and a cute wreath!

 molly is one month away from turning 6!  so grown!

 eddie turned 7 last week!  here are all three kiddos!
 madison painted elsa and anna this summer!  i think it's so adorable and will be using it to decorate for molly's frozen party!

 kara, the youngest cousin! so cute!

 eddie is all into legos!  loves them!

 notice big ed in the background sleeping!

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