Saturday, September 20, 2014

Molly's 6th Birthday, "Frozen"

as a mom there are days i live for...
christmas eve and christmas morning- i love them!
halloween night-so fun!
easter morning-so sweet!
new this year--tooth fairy nights--i had such fun being creative with the tooth fairy note and gift!

but birthdays go to a whole new level!
ok, maybe i overdo it a tad, but i love to plan a good party!
and our planning goes on for a year in advance!
this year we've gone from a frozen theme, to dogs, to tarzan, and back to frozen! ha! 
it was a great party and molly enjoyed every minute of it!

 pinterest is full of great ideas
i bought some food labels and signs from etsy
and i just used regular store bought "write in" invitations to save a bit of money!

 i bought the rock candy from oriental trading

 i made the layer cake and bought the pendant from etsy
the cake idea & recipe was from here
it was easy and good! 

 cupcakes were a basic cake mix
cupcake toppers were from etsy

 we brought down some of our winter decorations for the party decor

 i didn't even take pictures of the real food!
it was so delicious...we had sloppy joes, cole slaw, deviled eggs, hot dogs, and sandwiches for the kids
chips and dip, party punch, bottled water (melted snow)
 the best part of the party was the visit from anna and elsa
the kids were so excited!!!
 they were so good!  it was very disney-like!
 i thought anna looked really authentic!
the princesses presented molly with a crown and certificate as "princess for the day"
then they read to the kids, sang songs, gave each kid a tatoo, and took pictures with each individual kid
lead us in singing happy birthday to molly and then they were gone!
it was so special!

 madison painted a special picture of anna and elsa she wanted to show them
it was so cute!

 they said if you clasp your hands like this over your heart and make a wish...your prince charming will come
little do they know i've been making that wish for 40 years!

 all the kids ran to the yard to watch the princess leave!
 pinata time is always a big hit!

 the cake layers matched the icing colors
 time for presents
everyone was so generous
her favorite present...dinosaurs!!

now my girl is 6 years old
i can't believe how fast these years are going!

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