Monday, September 15, 2014

on turning six and loosing teeth

molly turns 6 years old on september 19th
hard. to. believe.
over the past month she has started kindergarten
weekly bible study (bsf)
and lost 2 teeth
seriously, can she just stop!
 her favorite thing to read about, play with, watch you tube videos of, and talk about is 
she's completely her own person!  i mean, when have i ever cared about a dinosaur?
 she still sleeps with me
but i have high hopes that she'll move into her room and sleep in her own bed one day
but then, sometimes i night when we're cuddled together i wonder why i'd ever want to stop this!
 she can be quite the drama queen at times
for example last night she started crying saying she didn't want to grow up
she only wanted turn 10 and then go backwards to be a baby again
i mean real tears and all

 she loves kindergarten, especially her teacher
she comes home singing and sharing all that she's learned that day
she is very eager to learn and do and please right now
i love this age!
 we love to sing loudly in the car
in the morning time on the way to school we listen to praise music
and in the afternoon we listen to frozen or other disney songs

 she's taken to piano nicely
i'm not sure where it will lead, but for now she is content to learn old mcdonald had a farm!
she also likes to "make up" her own songs on the piano
 she really loves gymnastics!
she's in the girls class with coach erin and they really have a great time!

 her teacher told me one of the greatest compliments ever this year...
she said molly, "changes the dynamic of the class"
i hope that is always how we can describe her character and actions
to change things for the better and greater good
she has the potential to be an amazing leader
i pray she continues to grow in Jesus each day to be the person she was meant to be!
 so, we are counting down to 6 years old
only 4 days left!
i may cry every day this week a little
 and look ahead with great expectation too
for what is in store can only be great and wonderful!

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