Tuesday, February 24, 2015

what we do on snow days

today marks our 7th consecutive snow day...glorious days out of school!
i'm so thankful that i'm a teacher in the same school as molly so when these days come around i don't have to panic about childcare or road conditions
i can just rest and relax with molly!

so...here is what we do when we can't leave the house

 a little school work
you can't be a teacher-mom without punishing your child on snow days with a bit of school work! 
truthfully, molly is on such a swift learning curve at this point in kindergarten i didn't want any of it to slow down with being out of school for 7 days
our brains loose information quickly, so we must continue!
 we had some fun too!
we didn't have that much snow.. only about an 1", but that was on top of about 2" of ice/sleet
so it made for very slippery roads!
great for sledding!

 you can see the ice on branches here
 a little hot cocoa and rice krispie treat!

we did a lot of baking and eating!
too much actually...i just told mom, "no more sugar, baking, carbs!!"
we have a full fridge of veggies and fruit for this week, i'm so thankful!

slippery roads, even after a week!

lots of time for board games!

 this was a great activity for a day...it required steps so we mixed it up, set the molds, pushed them out, let them dry, painted them, and put it together!

 it may have been her favorite thing!
in between steps we went outside to feed the birds

the ice was frozen in sheets on our cars
we just gently hit it and it came off in slices!

back to painting...which gave me a chance to cook some homemade chicken noodle soup!

and the finished product!
then we spent a lot of time in creative "play"
mama maze is the best at this...molly invents the "characters" and they role play together
it's hilarious!

i think this was a take on cruella divelle, maybe

 what the snow looked like on the second round

by mid week, we had gotten pretty lazy so molly lead us in "pe" class each morning!

 it was so bitter cold, we could only spend a short time outside in segments!
almost not worth the effort of putting on all the layers!
 at some point we traded dinosaurs with her horses

 the icicles were amazing!
 we shared homemade cookies with neighbors!

 tried our hand at clearing off our street!
didn't help much :)

more school work
and more games in front of the fire!

this was "snow paint" and it was really fun!

finally after 7 days, we will be back to school tomorrow
it's a little bitter sweet
i love time at home, but we have a lot to cover and make up at school right now
i'll be glad to be back on a schedule and not eating 24/7! ha!

i hope wherever you are, you are warm and safe this winter!

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