Monday, March 16, 2015

parties, spring, tooth fairy, and tying shoes

finally we had a gorgeous spring weekend after being snowed in for several weeks!
we had so many things happening this weekend, but we spent some time outside at the cemetery putting a fresh spring/easter arrangement on grandma and grandpa sherrill's grave

 molly ran all around and enjoyed the sunshine

 this cemetery has the cutest little park area with a pond, ducks, and beautiful scenery
it's great for pics!

 here are a few pics of molly kindergarten music "concert" at school last thursday

 friday night we headed over to madison's house for her birthday party
molly was totally occupied with their dog, roxy!
she preferred to be with the dog than the party guests!

 here she is trying to teach roxy some tricks!

 she loves dogs (all animals really) so much!  i'm seriously considering getting one...
 she asks me daily!

 madison turned 9 years old!

 then, on saturday we had another cousin's birthday party!
this time it was at the roller skate rink
 cousin kayla turned 7!

then, we came home saturday night and molly pulled out her loose tooth!  
the tooth fairy came for the 3rd time!
she leaves "fairy dust" each time she visits!

 these dollars are special too...fairy dust is sprinkled on them too!

 fairy dust heart
 this is my tooth fairy pillow from when i was a girl
i asked molly if she wanted her own, but she said she wanted to use mine!

 molly told me she knew how to tie shoes this weekend!
she's always had Velcro shoes, so it really hasn't come up
frankly, she's so good at tying ropes and string when she plays i thought she'd be pretty good at it!
 we bought some new soccer cleats b/c she's starting soccer this spring and she tied them immediately!
i asked her how she knew and she said a little boy, avery, in her class at school taught her!
wow!  thanks, avery!
and on that note i'll end this update!
happy spring!

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Cheryl said...

You guys have been busy. We saved all my little sisters teeth. Had the sealed in a glass container and gave then to her at 20. Was so neat.

We went to the cemetery also to change flowers. My grandparents foot marker was so dull. I ran to Lowes and purchase bronze spray (not the cheap kind). We cleaned the marker, taped off the granite and gave it a light dusting. It turned out beautiful. A guy at the office said people do it all the time and it does not mess up the marker.

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