Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May 2015

we had a busy and fun month of May!
i have lots of different activities on this post in order to catch up to now...
molly is growing up so fast!  she finished Kindergarten this May and is ready for 1st grade:)

she still loves to play with dinosaurs...all the time!
she's obsessed...she reads books, watches movies/tv shows about them, and is always on the hunt for dinosaurs.
this is something that i would never notice in the store, or at yard sales, or at goodwill, but she always seems to find a dinosaur somewhere!!!!!!!  it's so funny!
here she is tying a pteranodon to the ceiling fan, but it didn't work!  the string got caught in the blade :(
you can see she has the herd marching through here...and she has created "caves" and mountains on the coffee table.

she has so many spring and summer dresses!  i was happy to bring them out after the cold winter.

we had a little science experiment one night when our neighbor sent over some dry ice and molly thought it was the coolest thing ever!

molly finished her first soccer season and loved it! 
i'm glad she has a competitive spirit!

our neighbors have the prettiest backyard/landscaping and so we often use it for photo ops

here molly is loving on the neighbor's cats
she took care of them while the neighbors were on vacation and loved it!
in mid may we welcomed our friend eliana and her parents for dinner and fun!
her family was in our travel group to china and we hook up about once/year.  
molly and eliana love to be together!

i just love these pictures!  they are so silly and happy!

molly also finished her first year of piano and had her year end recital in may.
it was a 'disney' theme and she played Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious from Mary Poppins.

my cousin left a dinosaur sticker book for her in our mailbox (thanks denise)
this is mrs. judy, molly's piano teacher

i love this picture!  she was so proud!

this was molly's year end Kindergarten Award Ceremony
I've been so proud of her this year :)

molly received the loving leader award and kindness for the year

she was so happy with her awards!
after the ceremony we went outside for play time and a picnic.
this is one of her friends, sydney.
they played the whole time together!
i think molly "forced" her to play "dogs"...and molly also brought her dinosaur to play with outside.

here they are using a jump rope for the leash!

this was molly's last soccer game
i love soccer!  it is a short game and a short season!!!

ok, that is all for now! i'll be back soon for more updates on our life!

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