Friday, July 24, 2015

Kentucky Down Under

The summer is almost gone (I have officially 1 more week left until I have to report, although I've been in my classroom for about a week already now...moving from one room to another)

In lieu of taking a summer vacation somewhere and needing to save some money we decided to stay home and explore our city!  A true staycation!

Molly and I created a Summer A to Z list of things we wanted to do and we've successfully done most of the things on our list!  I'm going to back track a bit on the blog in order to chronicle everything.  

We didn't necessarily start at "A"...instead we started with "K"...which was for Kentucky Down Under.  KDU is basically an interactive zoo with Kangaroos!!  It's small and sweet.  It was a great day trip from Nashville.
 Ready to hit the road!

 They had these wood carvings all around the parking lot.  
 Starting out with baby chicks.

 The really cool thing about KDU is there is also a cave you can tour.  Since it was a hot summer day, the cave was cool and refreshing!

 This was a really cool sheep dog demonstration.  Every few hours, as the sheep spread out through the field, the sheep dog herds them back in for the crowd!  It was so cool!
 Molly loved the horse drawn wagon!

 There were lots of birds, owls, parrots, etc.  
 Ready for the cave tour!
 Molly was a little hesitant because of the darkness.  But, since she had her own flashlight she braved it!  This is a small cave and an easy cave to hike through.

 They have multiple live animal demonstrations.
 They have really good food available.  This dog roams freely and found a comfy place beside Molly!
 This was the cutest part of the visit!  The kangaroos roam freely and you can feed them and pet them.  Molly loved this experience.

 Mom and Joey
 They also had tortoises roaming around.

 Lots of different farm animals.

Overall it was a great start to our summer!  Molly really enjoyed it and it was only an hour drive from our house!  

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