Monday, September 7, 2015

summer fun and vbs

here are a few more pics of some super cute summer fashion, a day out, and vbs
 i got these adorable gold and silver "jewelry" tatoos from qvc and molly loved them
they were so much cuter on her than me, but they are made for adults too..

 we went to the symphony to here a pixar concert which was great!  
all of our favorite songs from movies in one concert!

 we made a stop at the goo goo store downtown
it is a great little adventure!
 we also checked out some boots
she likes the red ones (not pink!)

 we had a great week at vbs
i taught 5/6th grades
 i love to get candid pics of the kids worshiping
all the kids really love the music each year

 molly requested to feed the ducks one day this summer
there are several places around town, but this is a quiet little park area in a cemetery that we love to go to

 molly loves to get in this little stream
the water is so cold, it feels great!

 eddie and madison join us for vbs and eddie and molly were in the same class!  
they loved that!!!!

these two...they really love each other!

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