Monday, September 7, 2015

summer stay-cation

molly and i had a great summer right here in nashville
there is always so much to see and do here!
she loves to go to the "city"...we only live about 15 minutes from downtown
 so, one day we went to the ryman auditorium b/c it was a free/community day and we got our moneys worth!  
they've added a great restaurant and have a new introduction/movie/short film that is so cool!  it literally has the silhouettes of people singing and dancing on the walls all around you.  it gives a great history of how the ryman and the grand ole opry came to be.
 molly to "sing" on stage! 

 sittin' with roy acuff and minnie pearl
 a little stop for ice cream after the tour

 an honestly, even after the fun day we had...molly's favorite part was walking over this vent on the sidewalk that made her dress blow up!!!  she loved it!

kind of reminds you of this doesn't it?

i don't want her to identify with marilyn in life...but the picture is pretty funnny! ha!

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