Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Break Trip, Charlottesville, VA

We left Roanoke, VA and headed to Charlottesville, VA.  Home of Thomas Jeffereson and his Monticello.  Again, the drive was gorgeous!  Fall Break is a great time to travel!  The crowds are minimal and Molly gets some special attention from tour guides which is so fun!  Like in this picture...she was allowed to sit on one of the beds in Monticello which is usually a no no.  

 At Monticello, I purchased the Behind the Scenes pass which takes you on a 2nd floor tour...past the regular tour.  Here she is playing with some of the games on the 2nd floor.

 Inside the famous Rotunda.  Simply beautiful!

 One of the granddaughters secret hideaways...

 Lots of these historic homes have so many interesting things for kids to learn from and experience.  

 The grounds were simply gorgeous!  Gardens and mountains galore.

 The "pond" where they would "store or keep" fish until they were cooked.
 Thomas Jefferson's grave

We ended the day at Mitchie's Tavern for a delicious meal!  This old restaurant has a history of it's own.  It also has lots of little stores to shop around in.  You need a full day dedicated to Monticello and Mitchie's Tavern.  There is so much to see.  Molly really enjoyed it!

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