Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Break, Mount Vernon

We left Charlottesville and drove to Mount Vernon the next morning. Again, you totally need a full day to take in all Mount Vernon has to offer!  It is gorgeous and I highly recommend traveling there in the fall.  For all of our tours and many of our meals I purchased tickets, tours, and reservations online prior to travel.  So I knew exactly what our schedule would be each day.  Leaving one place and driving right into another each day.  

 Mount Vernon had livestock that Molly enjoyed.  

 Again, gorgeous gardens and grounds!

 I think Mount Vernon is so pretty!

 Looking at the Potomac River

 You can see the leaves were just about the start turning!

 George Washington's tomb

 With both Monticello and Mount Vernon, we learned a lot about slavery in early America.  Molly grasped much of the concept in general...for a 7 year old and that is one reason she claimed Abraham Lincoln as her favorite president...because he wanted to end slavery in America.  Pretty good rationalizing for a 7 year old if you ask me!
On the Potomac River!

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