Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Fun!

I love to do so many fun things in the fall!  We live in a great city that has so much to offer for families and I'm super thankful for that!

 We've gone to several Disney on Ice performances and this one did not disappoint!  
Molly always loves to see the skaters and performers.

 So into the show!
 This show went through a year of celebrations ending at a Christmas celebration!

 Toy Story characters!

At the end of the first 9 weeks our school has an award presentation and Molly received the "Kind Friend" Award which makes me so proud of her!  Her teacher went on to tell me that Molly truly is the student to reach out and help others.  She rarely gets into silly "squabbles" at recess, tries to be a friend to those who may not have a friend at the moment...which as you know in 1st grade changes quickly!  I really try to teach her that we are to be Jesus to others in our school, and I certainly hope she continues to have this sweet spirit throughout her school years.  

 These awards mean so much to her!  Seriously she received the "loving leader" award in Kindergarten and talked about it all summer long!  I'm amazed at how much she takes it to heart!

 And I do love to get some great October pictures each year...

 We went to our neighborhood fish fry this afternoon and they had face painting for the kids!  So, she decided on a dino face, of course!

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