Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

At the beginning of November I always watch to see when Santa will arrive in our local malls.  Molly and I love to be a part of the parade to bring him in!  It's always so magical and I figure I may only have a couple more years to do this...

 This year he came in on this little "elf" vehicle.  Then the children paraded around the whole mall following him and singing carols.  

 Eddie was finishing up his soccer season and we finally had a Saturday available to watch him play.  

 These two are quite the pair!  They really enjoy playing with each other and Eddie shows her tricks to soccer!  

 Also, after Halloween we are visited by the switch witch!  Molly was excited to leave her Halloween candy out and see what the witch left for her!
 It was the cutest gift!  chirping digi birds!  

 Thanksgiving was at my brothers house this year.  I brought the turkey!

 Time for Thanksgiving!  As usual, we had so much food!

 The only family picture I got was my cousin Tiffany and her girls.

 There was a lot of this!  
 Every year after Thanksgiving, my church decorates for Christmas and this year mom, Molly, and I all went to help.  

 I really love our church at Christmas time.  It is so pretty and festive!

 She was pretty good at taking orders...
The whole gang

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