Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Cheer

In July I started working part time at my church as the Preschool Director on an interim basis.  I'm always juggling several part time jobs it seems and this gave me an opportunity to work again at my home church.  I worked their while I was in college as the Children and Youth Director for about 2 years.  In December, I agreed to remain on staff on a permanent basis.  The job has really been a blessing to me, not only financially, but also spiritually.  I work with a lot of tremendously dedicated people who volunteer each week to make our preschool department run smoothly.  And, that is such a blessing!
 At the beginning of December, we have "Kids Night Out" that really a Parents night out!  It gives parents a couple hours to go out to eat, wrap presents, or do something without the kids!
 We had crafts, songs, food, and lots of fun!

 Here is the little Christmas tree we decorated in the preschool department!

 We went to the symphony for a great performance with Home Alone!  They showed the movie and the symphony played all the music live!  It was probably my favorite thing we did all month!

 A wedding party was taking pictures outside...It was all "silver and gold" which was so pretty!

 Later that night we went to a Christmas parade where both Madison and Eddie were in it!

Go Madison!

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