Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Happenings

Each year I forget how busy the month of December is!  It has to rate #1 for craziest month of the year followed by #2 August and #3 May.  We have so much going on and I tend to over plan so that Molly can experience as much as possible for the season.  

This is a huge post, but make sure you scroll to the end to hear Molly's piano recital!  I'm so proud of her!

 We got the house decorated after Thanksgiving and only put up 2 trees...our main tree here and a tree in Molly's room.  I have so much Christmas decor!  It covers half my attic and makes me a bit jittery when I think of it all! I love it and hate to part with much of it, but it's getting ridiculous and I think I probably use about 1/4 of it.  Isn't that crazy?

 Molly lost her front tooth right before Christmas this year.

 I had all of my preschool Sunday School teachers from church over for lunch one afternoon.
 Molly and I went to the symphony for a holiday sing along which is always fun, plus she saw Santa!

 We went on a tour of the Governor's Mansion
This was the first time I had done this and it was a lot of fun!  

 Really pretty!

 All of the trees were live and decorated with special ornaments from artisans around our state.  This is full of hand blown glass ornaments, so pretty!

 These 4 trees were the only artificial ones, they are for the governors 4 grandchildren.
 I loved all the antiques!

 This was my favorite room, it had an ornament for every county in the state hand painted by an artist in that county to represent something in that county.  Really cool!

 Everything was very natural and organic, notice the limbs and branches poking out of the tree?
 Of course you have to have Elvis in a historic house in Tennessee!

 A former first lady of Tennessee built a whole new meeting space in another building on the property that had more trees and space to walk around.  This was a really cool thing to see.  It was kind of underground...a bunker area of sorts!

 Trying to get pictures with this girl is so funny!
 Showing off her new "space".

 our new outdoor decoration for this year is a dino santa!
 A new tradition this year was caroling with some of our church family in the neighborhood surrounding our church.  Molly really enjoyed this!

 At the symphony petting zoo and sing along.

 And finally, that evening we had Molly's yearly Christmas piano recital!  She played "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "Angels We Have Heard On High".
 With her music teacher, Mrs. Judy.
All the students who take piano.  This is always a great performance!

Molly has taken piano for 1.5 years and is doing really well.  This is something I was very intentional about...placing her in a situation that traditionally requires all 10 fingers, but allowing her to figure out how to compensate for her hand difference (She has 2 fingers on the right hand and 5 on the left)  So all this time she has taken lessons and worked so hard and NEVER has complained or asked questions about how to do it b/c of her hand difference.  She doesn't even know she's at a disadvantage and neither her teacher or I ever bring it up!  I'm telling you, this girl is so competitive and confident, nothing holds her back!  And, I'm so thankful for her piano teacher who works with her so patiently and allows her to figure things out in a new way!

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