Thursday, October 29, 2015

Final Day in DC and Reunion

For our final day in DC we hung out at Eliana's house and rested a bit.  After a few days in the city, Molly needed a break!  When Eliana got out of school, we went to the Manassas National Battlefield which was so pretty!  The views were gorgeous and it is hard to believe we were standing on the ground of such a historic event in the Civil War.  

 The girls had a little reenactment of sorts.

 Later that evening we had tacos for dinner and the girls performed for us...this is the first time Molly has ever been in a princess dress! ha!  She had several when she was little, but never cared about them.  But, with a friend, she was game to give it a try!

 They had the best time!

 Finally, on Saturday we went to the AWAA 20th reunion celebration which was so great to be able to do!  AWAA is the adoption agency I used with Molly and I respect them so much!  This was an opportunity to visit with other families and to meet some of the people who actually paired Molly's profile to me so many years ago...

 Leah Rockey who I worked with a lot during the 5 year wait...

 Brian and Renee Lewis who are the founders/CEO of AWAA
 And this is Melissa who was the first to contact me about Molly...what a match made in heaven!  I'm so thankful for her!!!
 Saying our final goodbyes before heading home.  We drove to Roanoke and stayed the night and then back to Nashville.  It was such a great trip!  I'd love to go back, but we have so many more places to visit.  There are other places in Virginia we didn't get to see however, so we may head back that direction soon enough.  

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