Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Break, Washington DC

Ok, so onto the main reason for our trip.  I wanted to head to DC now to visit the Smithsonian Museums, in particular the Museum of Natural History b/c I knew Molly would love seeing the dinosaur skeletons and the animals.  Also our good friends live right outside of DC and we stayed with them, which saved the cost of a hotel for a few nights which I was so thankful for.  Also, Molly loved spending time with her friend for a while.  

 They are working on a whole new dinosaur area, but we still were able to see the dinosaurs which were great.  

 I love penguins!
 The hope diamond

 The other great part of DC is that the museums are free!  

 We did not go inside the Washington Memorial, but the view from the outside was simply gorgeous!

 The Washington mall behind her

 I had reservations for a US Capitol Tour with our TN state Representative, Jim Cooper's office.  We couldn't get White House reservations though:(

 I just snapped these pics of homes on our way to dinner.  I think they are so pretty!

 After dinner we took a tour of the monuments at night.  They were so pretty and Molly loved being with her friend, Eliana!

The white house

 The next day we drove in and started at the American History Museum
I thought this was so interesting
 Again, there were many things for young kids to experience

 Dorothy's ruby red slippers

 Our First Lady's dress, so pretty
 And of course, my favorite thing to see was Julia Child's kitchen!  So fun!

 Then we took  a rickshaw ride through the city, Molly thought this was amazing!  He stopped in front of different memorials and took our nice!

Air and Space Museum

This was such a fun trip!  It was not too long (for a 7 year old) and we had a great time.  
Next up:  our last day

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