Saturday, April 27, 2013

saturday fun

molly and i kind of hibernated during the winter time on saturdays, but now that it's spring again we are busy with fun things to do!
the nashville symphony has kid's concerts about 4 times a year and we've gone to some of them before
i bought season tickets for us this year and we went to the first one a couple weeks ago
 it's a short 45 minute concert and they have a symphony "petting zoo" prior to the concert
this week the theme was under the sea and they began the concert with the jaws theme...classic!
and then did pieces from the pirates of the carribean to the little mermaid!
it was great and molly loves to pretend to be the conductor!

 we caught a few blooming signs of spring!  
after the concert we walk right over to the country music hall of fame and eat lunch at a cafe
it's a great place to people watch!  and there is solo guitarist molly loves to watch!

a perfect way to spend a saturday!!

a princess party

molly was invited to a princess tea party last weekend
the birthday girl was one of her classmates and the party was so cute!
 molly would only wear a princess shirt, not a princess dress
but, i thought once she got there with the other girls she may dress up
she has about 5 different princess dresses and never wears them!  
much to my dismay, she would rather be a dog, lion, or horse! ha!

 they had real china!  so cute!!

 tiaras on a tray
and the cake was so cute!

 so many dresses to choose from, but as you see molly stood firm in not wearing a dress!
peer pressure can't even break this girl, i hope that stubbornness is steered in the right direction in the future!

 they had a young girl dressed in a fancy dress as the "princess" and took pictures for us all to take home!

 all the girls looked so cute!!

 the princess read a story
 the birthday girl is so cute!!!

 time for presents and then dance time!

a fun day!!

molly's field day

molly's school had field day yesterday
it was also our last day of tcap testing, so i couldn't go but mom went with her and got a few pics!
 the theme for all of field day was the zoo
and each grade level was a different animal
molly's class was kangaroos and they were so cute!
apparently they hopped everywhere! ha!
 here they "caged" them up for pics! 

finally a snack break!
looks like a fun day to me!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

spring sprint and grandparent's day

molly has had such a great school experience this year in pre-k 3!
we've been so pleased with what she's learned and how she's adjusted to her new routines
she'll be there again next year for prek-4
and if i can figure out how to financially afford it, i'd love to keep her there until she graduates
but, that may be stretching it for me
 because it's also my alma matter, it's a bit nostalgic when when walk around campus
once recently we were in the high school and i was going to show her my graduation picture
i walked around and around and never saw anything below '96
all of us "old folks" have been reduced to the conference room apparently! ha!
 and speaking of... this year marks my 20 year since graduation!!
class of 1993, how did that happen???
 but, anyway we were at school friday morning for the spring sprint (fundraiser) and grandparent's day
molly ran around and around that track!
she's persistent and determined for sure!

 and i love this pic of them praying...she's always looking through one eye!!

 each of the grades sang a song from their play or musical earlier in the school year
it was great!
 and all the prek-ers sang special grandparent songs
it was adorable!

it was a fun day!
so thankful for ehcs!
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