Saturday, December 18, 2010

a day at the mall

molly has several christmas outfits/dresses that she has not had time to wear yet
so this morning i thought we would dress up fancy and strut around the mall a bit
it turned into an entire day of prissing and strutting, but it was so fun!
mom went with us and treated us to lunch at the cheesecake factory
and we all had a great time
molly was so well behaved
we were out for about 8 hours and she had no nap
i couldn't believe she never even had a melt down
she's been so good lately:)
i guess she knows santa is watching her...or maybe it's the elf on a shelf! ha!
this is the one outfit i could not wait to see her in this year
 i thought it was so cute!  it is gymboree's line from last year.
i got it at a consignment store for a great deal and got the sparkly shoes at walmart.

trying to teach her how to 'cross her feet'


 trying to comfort this little one who was crying before she went to see santa.  molly is always very concerned when she hears baby's crying.  she went right up to her and knelt down beside her....melt my hear!
can you imagine all the gasps, ooohhs, and awes, we got as we walked through the mall?  women would say "oh, my gosh look at her", men would smile, sales ladies would try to get her attention, it was so cute!

i can't believe the month has gone by so fast.  i've tried my best to soak it all up, but time never stands still, does it?  i have some things to do this week to prepare for christmas. mainly menu planning, grocery shopping, and just a little shopping left.  we have a couple doctor appointments (me-dentist, molly-hand/foot surgeon and the ot/pt to get a post surgery assessment) and at some point i'm taking molly for her first haircut.  we are going to continue potty training and try to "perfect" it...stretching her to control it outside of home or daycare.  we'll see how that goes:)  mostly I'm just looking forward to 2 full weeks with just me and her.  It's our favorite just "be" together.  In the evenings we've started cuddling up on the couch in front of the fire and watching all the Christmas specials on tv.  She loves this!  (so do i!)


Shauna and MacLean said...

What a blessing she is! Enjoy each and every minute happy holidays and god bless you both!!

Betsy said...

She looks absolutely adorable. Enjoy your Christmas and time off with Molly and your family!

Cheryl said...

Such a princess and the leg crossing is darling.

I just love her !

Angie said...

I can't believe how fast the Christmas season is going. I just want to put it on hold and soak it in!! So much more I want to do with my girl.

So glad we are sharing this Christmas with our girls! It's about daggone time! ;)

Loving all her Christmas clothes!

Merry Christmas!

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