Friday, December 17, 2010

motherly instincts

my heart is overjoyed when i watch molly being a "mother" to her babies
she is really interested in mothering and caring for her babies
putting them to sleep
feeding them
doing their hair
and diapering them
we are doing really well with potty training and are in panties most of the time with the exception of sleeping and long trips/errands
so i think she is transitioning her 'big girl' status in comparison to her baby dolls who obviously need diapers...
this is what i found one day when i went to check on her
she had gone through a few diapers trying to get them just right
diapering can be tricky, you know!


Cheryl said...

Wonderful on the potty training!
So cute with her babies.

Amanda said...

(I found you from Danielle the week you went to China to get Molly.)

I LOVE this post! Totally awesome! Molly is a natural!

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