Sunday, April 17, 2011

the courage...

today i am mustering up the courage to face another day of school
the last day of tcap
and unfortunately another day with a very confrontational, rude, disrespectful student

on friday afternoon i was verbally asaulted in my own a 9 year old
right at dismissal time
in front of my entire classroom of students
they were assaulted too
they heard some terrible things come out of his mouth
and looked at me with wide eyes wondering what would happen next

i felt bad for them
so bad i wanted to scoop them all up and take them away from the student gone mad
but it all happened so fast
in the blink of an eye he said things that have come close to destroying what i've so explicitly built up through the year
sure, we've had ups and downs before
but, never like this
in fact, in 14 years i've never had a student to act in this manner
i've been puzzled all weekend
sleepless nights
worry and dread for the remaining time with him

i have a couple kids who could be on the edge of reacting the same way but have restrained
but now, since they've seen it happen i wonder if it will occur by more?
and especially when they see that he still gets to come to school
and this isn't the first time with this student
only the first time in my room
because i've only had him for 8 days
remember in my previous post when i said public school only shuffle the "bad" kids from room to room or school to school?
yeah, this is what i was talking about
it seems everyone's hands are tied

this one student was in another class creating havoc for the first 27 weeks of school
after multiple complaints and discipline problems he came to me
and sure, we had 7 days where he was on his best behavior
but then, friday afternoon he was in trouble for many things and he just popped
but, the same thing happened last year and the year before
it's nothing new

i have to wonder how can a 9 year be allowed to do such things?
why is it ok?
parents should be outraged, because i am

but on monday morning he'll get to walk back in
just like nothing happened
and i will be expected to treat him the same
how can i when you know another rage will come?

it's like a ticking time bomb
when will he blow again?

hopefully i'll have a chance to huddle together with the rest of my "fold"
in order to develop an emergency plan
so they know what to do the next time it happens

third grade shouldn't be like this:(


Cheryl said...

Bless your heart. Having a child in a class like this is not fair to the others wanting to learn.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Becky said...

No, it shouldn't. My son-in-law is a teacher in the public school system. That is his mission field. This year he got moved from 1st to 5th grade. Many challenges. Many burdens for many children.

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