Sunday, April 17, 2011

dr. visit

these are some pictures from a quick dr. visit on saturday
molly has another mrsa infection on her pointer finger:(
but, luckily for us it healed itself pretty well on it's own this time

i knew about a week ago that it was infected and tried to treat it
using methods learned from both of our infections last fall
we soaked it in warm/hot water
kept it covererd 
and continued to apply ointment to kill the staph infection and prevent further spreading

she is having surgery on good friday and i wanted to make sure her finger was healing completely so we could continue with surgery

these pictures are an impromptu photo shoot while we waited for the doctor
as you can see she is feeling really good! ha!
the settings on my camera were off for some of them:(

she will have surgery friday morning on one of her toes
the doctor tried to remove a toenail last summer with the other surgery, but it has grown back
it grows sort of sideways and is really thick and looks painful
so he is going to try it again

it's a minor surgery, only lasting less than 30 minutes
but, she still has to be put under anesthesia
i'll keep everyone posted, i'm sure it will be fine!

1 comment:

Shauna and MacLean said...

she is quite a character i can just see by her pictures that her personality is very lively best of luck on Friday we will pray for you and her and a speedy recovery.

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