Sunday, May 1, 2011

a look back days 2-4

as we approach our first anniversary to "molly day"
i'm looking back to the days that lead up to may 3, 2010
many of these pictures are posted on here from the trip
some may be new
they are the ones that capture the trip most for me

i only took my point and shoot camera for the convenience of it
but i wish i had better quality photos
it just didn't seem feasible to lug around a nice camera with all of the other baggage

this picture so greatly captures the essence of transportation in china
the streets were overtaken with cars, vans, bicycles, and various forms of rickshaws
inside a chinese market

everywhere i looked i saw these adorable chinese children and thought about molly!

we were photographed often as we toured around beijing

sometimes they would ask to be photographed with us

we traveled during a national holiday in china
the crowds in an already overpopulated country were horrendous!
another sight all over the city were these bare bottoms!
split pants everywhere:)

we were so unsure of the food
it was just not a good time to be an adventurous eater for me
after 20 hours of travel + the  nerves of everything that was about to happen in my life + worry + fear + excitement + being hot + crowds + being in the midst of huge crowds + the smells of another country
it just wasn't a good mix, it was however a good way to loose lots of weight quickly
however, i quickly put those lost pounds back home once we returned home
this was the day we shopped for pearls...a must if you travel to china
i bought a pink strand for myself and a traditional white strand for molly

this is the photo that reminds me what a huge sacrifice it was for eddie to travel with me for these two weeks!
he lived for breakfast time because he knew he could count on an omelet chef to be there to cook something "american" for him each morning!
i mentioned earlier how difficult it was for me to be adventurous and try the ethnic food
but, for eddie it was an even greater challenge
sometimes,out of desperation, he would just close his eyes and eat whatever was there
but, like me, he was craving the foods of home...chicken, steak, rice, veggies, salad, and cold beverages!
we went to a christian worship service the day before "molly day" and this was very special
you had to show your passports to get in as it would be illegal for any chinese person to openly attend a christian church
this was the jade factory and it was fun to shop around here as well
i bought molly a couple of jade pieces for when she is older

then, we were off to the great wall of china
it took a really long time to get there because of traffic
once we got there, we didn't have long to make our way to the top
this was the one thing eddie was looking forward to the most from the trip
so once we took a picture of each other at the start, i told him to take the camera and go as far as he could
meanwhile, i took my time and enjoyed people watching! ha!
we both wanted to wear orange to the great wall to represent Tennessee!

huge masses and masses of people were climbing there way up

the whole thing was very rustic and uneven...not an easy climb
each step a different height than the one before it

the next day, although i didn't know it at the time, would be "molly day"
the original date was May 4, but we actually got her a day early on may 3
which was really significant for me

tomorrow i'm working on a special post for her gotcha day
i'm also writing an annual letter to her, taking the day off to spend with her, going to the doctor for a post surgery check up, and going out to a special dinner to celebrate together

it should be a special day!
i can't believe it's been a year!!!

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Cheryl said...

I had just starting reading your blog and remember this exciting time.

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