Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

before "gotcha day" i worried and fretted and feared that molly wouldn't attach to me
i thought, "what if she doesn't like me"
"what if she only will go to eddie?"
you know, sometimes you can "what if" yourself into a tizzy

the moment and hours and days after gotcha day were definitely stressful
i remember the moment that i knew everything would be ok
it was one afternoon, probably two days after gotcha day
we were still in molly's province and we went to lunch with the other family who was with us
molly had just thrown a bowl of cheerios all over the floor in this restaraunt 
inviting the stares and glares of many chinese people and workers
i was so embarrased!

but, during that lunch molly came alive
she began really interacting with me for the first time
and while eddie and the other family talked and 'investigated' the food choices on the table
i was beginning to feel comfortable as a mom
molly began to 'feed' me, which forced her to look closely in my eyes and at my face
something she had refused to do before this moment
she then began touching my face, just like she was analyzing an expensive piece of art
i started to put some cheerios in my mouth and she began taking them from me with hers
and this was our first 'mouth to mouth' interaction
and soon after she did that i took away the cheerio and we kissed for the first time
and then she kept on leaning over to kiss more
and that's when i knew...she liked me!

it's been one year since gotcha day
and we've never been apart
if i'm in one part of the house where she can't see me she starts to ask
"where are you, mom?"
wanting to know my location at all times

on rare occassions i let her sleep in my bed
i try not to make it a habit
but, i must confess i enjoy that time together too
she has to "feel"' me at all times throughout the night
if i'm not touching her, she will roll over to touch me
and then in the morning, she'll roll over and kiss me
aaahhh, melt my heart!

her latest thing is telling me
"good morning, mom...i'm glad your here today"
i think she hears this at daycare as mom greets the other kids
but, it's so cute!

it's been an amazing year for sure
and i'm more than thankful that i'm on this side of the journey!

for mother's day we are taking mom out to mother's day brunch at a very nice countryclub
there will be a photo session taking place
i'm hopeful that there will actually be pictures of molly looking at the camera!
we'll see
but, i want to wish all of the mother's out there a wonderful day with your family
i will be sure to enjoy every minute of my day with molly and my mom

happy mother's day!


Cheryl said...

Happy Mother's Day !
Molly will be so proud to have a mom like you.

Katie said...

Hello, this is Katie from the Cheerios Facebook team. We love your touching post about how you first bonded with your daughter and we're so flattered that Cheerios was a small part of it! We like your story so much we want to share it with our fans on Facebook:

Do we have permission to share a link to your post with our 490k+ fans? If so, please let me know by either responding in this comment thread or emailing me directly. Either way, being a mother myself I really enjoyed reading your honest post.

Thanks, Katie

Amy Maze said...

Thank you and yes, you may share our Cheerios story on FB!
Thank you,

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