Sunday, May 8, 2011

thankful to be a mom

i was so thankful this weekend to celebrate mother's day at home as a mom!
i'm well aware of the many women who dread this weekend
because of unfulfilled dreams, failed adoptions, infertility, or the loss of your own mother
it can be a weekend of much pain and i've been there 
for any of you, i've prayed a special prayer for you too this weekend
may you find peace, my friends
we had a calm saturday, in fact it was so calm we both stayed in our pj's all day!
it was beautiful outside, but i had to stay inside and get housework done
as a single mom, i find a constant struggle with juggling everything
when i'm outside working in the yard my house is unkept and when i'm inside cleaning the house, the outside is unkept!  i'm still trying to work on a balance!
but, monday we have our one year post placement interview with the social worker and so i knew i needed to be inside cleaning and completing paperwork...paperwork, it never ends!

on mother's day, we took mom to a brunch at a nice country club/golf club that was so nice!
i wanted to attend church as this would be my first mother's day at home, but we had 10:00 a.m. reservations:(
molly had on a beautiful yellow smocked dress today that i've had for at least a year
i love how all of these smocked/bishop dresses are so full they can wear them for several years before they outgrow them.  this one is a 2T, but she can still wear the 12 month size in these dresses too!

the view...gorgeous!

after brunch we came home to make a quick change and then go visit my grandmothers

this is one of her new tricks..not very lady like is it?
we've spotted some of the first 13 year cicadas this weekend, she's trying to find some here
taking some toys to see grandma sherrill

we are working on getting grandma sherrill released from the nursing home
they have stopped all therapy on her:( saying that she has "plateaued" and can't get any better
she is miserable in the nursing home (of course), so she will be moving in with mom for now

and this is exactly how we all felt at the end of the day
tired and ready to go home!

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Angie said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Praying your visit goes well...mine was just sent in - Hallelujah!

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