Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a look back days 5 & 6

again, some of these photos were posted last year
however, i'm going down memory lane and wanted to repost them here
{i will not do this each year!} ha!!

molly woke up in a good mood
scared, but calmly taking in her surroundings
i comforted her the best way i! ha!
she was not ready to be held, cuddled, or snuggled yet
it took her a while to even look me in the face
but she was studying us from a distance
i couldn't wait to dress her for the first time
to get my hands on her full head of hair and put bows in it!
amazingly she never flinched or tried to take a single bow out
she still leaves her hair alone on most days
our hotel room had a tangerine that she seemed to love
can't get her to eat a single fruit now:(
as i got out the few toys we had she just kind of stared at them at first
she clearly did not know how to play
but she was curious...and learned fast!
this days was such a whirlwind....this was THE BIG DAY
i had gifts to take the orphanage director, nannies, officials
this was adoption day
but, i was so tired and so completely focused on molly that i totally didn't realize where we were going when we loaded in the van on this morning!
i did not even take my camera or video camera!
i'm sure my guide assumed i realized what was about the take place
but, i just didn't
so we stood in a room with her orphange director and didn't even speak to him because i didn't know who he was!  when he left, i asked our guide...who was that man and she told me.
i felt like such a fool! 
but, it was very un-official
some of the ladies helping to notarize the papers and compile the paperwork even brought their own children (i assume?) with them b/c kids were running around this office
anyway, the adoption was complete on this day whether i had my camera or not!
the next morning we repeated the previous morning experience...snacks in bed!
you can tell she's still totally checking us out
pretty much emotionless
she found comfort in having these little bags of snacks at her fingertips at all times
she's serious here because...well it was her first poop
sorry for potty talk
but it is significant in the adoption world
especially for molly because she was squatty potty trained and definitely not used to wearing a diaper
she didn't quite know what to do, but she would not sit on the toilet
so she figured it out!
after this event, we had a mini break through
i think she felt better and we started to see some of her personality come out!
she really started to explore her toys

and this is when she really started to interact with eddie
she would never go to him or let him hold her
but she would play with him
now...she loves him and sometimes calls him daddy because she hears maddie and eddie call him that!
so cute!

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