Friday, May 6, 2011

a look back, week 2

this was our last day in molly's province of jiangxi, china
we made a quick stop to mcdonalds for lunch and then went to the airport to fly to our last city, guangzhou, china
we were really excited to be in a new environment
Guangzhou is very Americanized and very much catered to adoptive families because all adoptive famlilies have to travel through there for the medical testing and the american consulate is located there as well

at this point molly was beginning to show some personality and open up a bit
she was very attached to me which was a great thing
it was physically hard for me to get used to tugging around a 25ish pound toddler everywhere, but we managed!
as you can see below...she was permenatley attached to me even throughout nap times and night times as well
as you can well imagine, this promoted  attachment even more! ha! 
i would to wait until she was fast asleep and then try to gingerly roll her over onto the bed and she would wake up and scream and cry until i picked her up again
we would go through this to see who wore out first...molly or mommy?
sometimes she would get herself so worked up and would be so hot i would rub a cool cloth on her neck which must have soothed her a bit!

were were in the airport awaiting our flight here
i wanted to wear our orange and white (go vols!) attire as we arrived to meet up with all the other families
of course many of the dads loved this and, you aren't wasting any time in dousing her in orange and white!! ha!

as you can tell from many of the pictures, she was always eating and munching on snacks
this seemed to bring her comfort and she was also experimenting because most of her diet consisted of hot milk and congee (sort of like porridge)
she was unfamiliar with eating hard/crunchy things like cereal and cookies, even at 18 months old.

at this point my back was about to give out on me from holding her so much!  she would not go to eddie to give me any relief and forget about a stroller!  so on this afternoon i had to resort to carrying her on my shoulders a bit and it was SO FUNNY because she would crouch down far enough so her face was right next to mine!
another UT outfit...
as we walked through the shopping and park area of guangzhou, we saw many brides and grooms getting their pictures taken, this was just a regular week day so i'm not sure if it was just a photo session or the actual wedding day
but, i thought the brides were so pretty!

for a moment i thought about molly in her wedding dress and then i told her she couldn't get married until i got married! ha!!  should be a while...
eating at lucy's, a famous "american" cafe on shaiman island
we were craving this so bad and i had heard from other adoptive families this would be comforting
i had a hamburger and fries and eddie had a steak and baked potato...almost like logan's!
the best part of the!
although this was really a lot harder than i had planned because again...she wouldn't sit in the stroller
so, that makes shopping trips less fun!  i still managed to get her a few pair of adorable squeky shoes
she can no longer fit into:(
but i kept a couple pair to show her one day
the big deal about these shoes is they are real leather, naturally are a "wide" fit, and are only about $3/pair!
and, of course the squeakers!
eddie played ball with her a lot to give me a break!

and at the end of the week we had a traditional chinese meal with all of our travel group
we had approximately 25 families traveling at the same time, so it was a big group
i only got pictures of a few of the families with their beautiful children

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Angie said...

I am loving reliving your trip and am working on the same for us! I couldn't get pics to post very easily the first little bit in China. This time last year, I was at the Forbidden City...I think I am almost ready to go back again!

happy Molly week!

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