Wednesday, May 11, 2011

looking back at the final days in china...

i'm almost done with my trip down memory lane for this first year anniversary of the trip of my lifetime!
these are the final days while in china

we went to this japanese restaraunt inside our hotel
still craving for something reminiscent of home
and this was pretty good
molly chowed down eating everything they cooked for us...veggies, rice, pieces of steak
but, she did not continue with that adventurous eating once we got home
she is a good eater of a few things
and unfortunately, fruit and veggies are not on her radar
we are going to work on that this summer though

she was really interested in these bubbles the whole trip

i've mentioned before about eddie's eating habits...he is on the same feeding schedule as a newborn
about every 2 hours, he's ready for a meal or snack or protein shake
by this point in the trip he had made a good routine of "packing" food from the breakfast buffet for his snacks later on
bananas, apples, and bread for pb&j's in the room
molly quickly learned his routine and would stand or sit beside him until he shared
he's not typically one to share food...but i think he shared with her! ha!
outside lucy's, an american diner
we ate there a few times:)

molly had fun on an outdoor playground near the restaurant and shopping area one night
the entire travel group :)
really amazing families and children here and i wish i had more time to talk and visit with them

molly and i went to this pizza hut close to the hotel a couple times
they had several pasta dishes as well as pizza and was a quick easy meal with a toddler

i have one more post coming to finish out memory lane
we came home on may 13th!  what a wonderful day that was...

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