Tuesday, May 3, 2011

molly day...one year ago

gotcha day
molly day

may 3
the day i became a mom
longing for home

finally my day had come
you were amazing
everything you expressed that day was so normal
normal for a baby experiencing a tremendous amount of change all in one moment

for you it was:
white faces
new surroundings
new clothes
new smells
new language
new foods

i couldn't wrap my mind around the magnitude of what you must have felt
only a child could rebound so beautifully from those experiences
only you

my whole life all i wanted was you
a baby to call my own
a daughter just for me
i had no idea the Lord would take me to china to find you
i'm so thankful that he did
because if my life had gone as i had planned
i would have been married with a houseful of kids
and never given a  single thought to adoption
but, because he knew i needed you
i  needed this
i needed to wait
i needed to have faith
grow faith
learn about faith
he took me on this amazing path
the unconventional route
a road i have questioned so many times in my life
and he allowed me to experience the most amazing kind of love
a love that most closely resembles his love for me
because he also adopted me as his own
and he loves me even more amazingly
more abundantly
more completely
more unconditionally than i can ever imagine

a love born out of a heart that longed for motherhood
a heart that opened up to the thought of adoption

i often thought how could i love someone not created within me
someone not made of my blood
someone who looked nothing like me
someone born in a faraway land

and now i know
because we were meant to be
together forever
stuck like glue
my girl
the one who now carries my heart

happy molly day


Suzanne said...

Ok, where are the Kleenex???? :)
Congratulations to you both!
I know it's a yucky day because of the weather but it's a precious, wonderful, full of sunshine day because it's YOUR day...Your Family Day.
Happy Molly Day! I pray you enjoy every minute of it!
With love,
Suzanne and Cate

Anonymous said...

I literally sat there and sobbed as I read that!!!

Molly is SO lucky to have such an amazing mommy, and you were right....you're patience and faith paid off because you were blessed with the most amazing gift!

You were the mother that God created for Molly and how awesome that he took you all the way around the world to find her!

She will treasure these letters you write to her someday- what a precious gift!

groovy mama said...

AGAIN, What a GREAT mom you are!!!! OMGodness you are wonderful and Molly, what a life you have in your future with a mommy like that! Blessed be you two!
hugs and happy happy day, congrats
ps- letters what a terrific idea;o)

Angie said...

Oh Happy day! Happy Molly day! Sounds like it was a great day. So thankful you found your way to each other...God is so good!

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