Thursday, July 28, 2011

summer painting...breakfast nook

one of the most endearing parts of my house in my opinion is this little breakfast nook
i love this part of the floor plan and have waited to spruce it up until now
in this 'before' picture you can see i used a card table for a long time
i bought the two x backed chairs on craigslist
my aunt bought the chandelier from a yard sale for $5!

for the after, i found a round table at goodwill that was originally a light wood color
this summer i painted both the table and chairs in an oil based Sherwin Williams creamy
i was hesitant to work with oil based, but it was fine
i also had cushions made for the window seat and chairs to match
the curtains came from section


caryn said...

Another great job! I LOVE the window seating. Very impressed that you were able to get this done with a toddler around. I have a hard time just getting my floor mopped before she runs through with muddy feet (honestly I waited forever to have muddy foot prints all over my floor and I love it).

Jen said...

How lovely! Looks so inviting, and the curtain matches perfectly - as if those fabrics were made for each other. Love your deals!

erinstwo said...

That is a beautiful breakfast nook! Love your 'finds!' Visiting from Kelly's Korner SYL.

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