Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Catch up Post

i have so much to catch up on
with the blink of an eye christmas is over
with the exception of our outdoor decorations, everything is put away
the house is cleaned & vacuumed
and i'm looking forward to a great 2013
 but, before i forge ahead into the new year i have so many posts to write about our before christmas fun and christmas day of course
the above photo is an iphone photo from our day at cheekwood earlier this month
great fun!
 at the top of molly's list this year was a horse or pony
of course she would love a real one, but that is not possible
but, i did manage a real miniature pony ride a few weeks ago!
 i feel sorry for the ponies that have to walk round and round all day
but, molly sure did enjoy it!

 a quick thumbs up from a happy rider!

and you can see santa in the background helping to run the show

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