Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Christmas Dinner

we had a combo family christmas dinner and mom's birthday dinner on the 23rd
with a near christmas birthday
she usually gets jipped with a combo party, combo dinner, or combo gift
sorry december birthdays!

 so, molly and i worked all day in the kitchen cooking and cleaning to prepare for dinner
 so thankful for this kitchen help!

 we had a delicious birthday/christmas dinner of cauliflower soup,herbed roast, roasted veggies, maple glazed green beans, and rolls

they were so good!
i decorated them with premade nutcracker decorations from tj maxx
 of course the kids were most excited for present time
i so remember those days with my cousins when we were younger!

 it was just madison and molly b/c little eddie was sick :(

 this little karoke machine was a big hit
 of course molly always is looking for a time to entertain
give the girl a microphone and she is in charge!
it was a fun night together:)

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