Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3...the first time ever I saw her face

this date is so special to me
because after 5 years of waiting i finally saw my daughters eyes for the first time
and it was such a fulfilling moment
everyone said when you see the child you are meant to have you would just know
and they were right
i really did know instantly this was it!

i had been on the "special needs" list since october and had looked at 4 files of precious little girls
 but, they weren't mine
and the process of "rejecting" those little ones 
in hopes that i would finally see mine was highly emotional and very difficult
i had second doubts and i shed many tears over them

so, on this day to finally have a face that i could claim as my own was priceless
but, i didn't actually see this cute picture first
i first opened the 2 picture files of her "special need"
1 picture of her hands
and 1 picture of her feet
and when i saw those little hands and feet i knew they were my daughters
that was exactly what God had prepared me for

so, on the 3rd picture
when i saw those big round eyes staring into mine
and that head full of hair
and that pink ruffle around her dress
i was ready to jump a plane and get her immediately!
but, it would take a little more patience than that

now, 3 years later i could never have imagined 
how she would grow
what she would learn
how quickly we would attach
or how much she feels like my own flesh and blood's such a mysterious miracle only God can choreograph!

 she wouldn't smile in this one...but i wanted a picture of her whole outfit to show the little blue cape!

her favorite animal...stripey

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