Saturday, April 30, 2011

royal wedding review

i've watched hours and hours of programs and specials about the royal wedding this week
and now i've watched all of the commentary and reviews as well
basically i think everyone agrees that it was perfect!

william seems like such a gentleman and a genuinely wonderful person
kate seems refined, composed, and self assured
oh yeah...and gorgeous!

i loved everything about her dress
the deep neckline, lace, the details
her earrings and tiara were perfect!
she has a great smile...perfect dimple!

and what about these little guys?  they were so adorable and charming!  this blonde boy was so cute!
the girls' great!  love the scalloped detail at the bottom
the queen...for 85 years old!  she looked fabulous!
loved that shade of yellow for a springtime cheery!

and pippa...WOW!  her dress was magnificent as well.  totally simple and chic
and her body....amazing!  i would never know what it must feel like to be that thin!

i love the details around the edges of her dress
and who could not love harry?
he is so handsome and seems funny and never afraid to bend the rules!
what these two have been through together...
clearly kate comes from good genes...her mom looked beautiful in this color

i love how the media kept referring to the middletons as "middle class" even though they are millionaires! ha!
i wish i was "middle class"
i didn't care for camilla's dress and hat as much
i don't think she has the sense of style that came more naturally for diana or kate
and the hats...oh my the hats!
what a fashion statement some of these were...

i couldn't decide if i liked this or not
definitely a fashion statment
i'm leaning towards like...
maybe just because she is so pretty anyway!

these were a few faves...

this blue one again is one i'm wondering about?
love it or hate it?

love this!

but these two girls????
what were they thinking?  i just don't get i
i'm thinking maybe they wanted to look ridiculous since their mom wasn't invited?
they remind me of the two step sisters in cinderella or something
it's just so weird looking and did nothing for them
i think they are pretty girls, but come on!  big disappointment!

what did you think??

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the royal wedding

update:  i've been watching all the magnificence of the pre-wedding coverage for an hour...can't wait to see the bride.  it's a real extraordinary event! 

update 2:  my thoughts:   
we should wear hats more
william and harry are handsome
kate is gorgeous
i want a boys choir if i ever get married (maybe without the ruffled collars:)
they are so in love
the service is very spiritual, love that!
i love that royal weddings have one maid of honor/best man and the rest of the "party" are young flower girls and page boys!
i think the middletons have raised wonderful children!! i've got to get ready for school:(

i'm planning on a very early morning to "attend' a very fancy wedding
are you "attending" too?
thanks to my mom, i'm really interested in all things royal
she was slightly obsessed with them too

i remember watching and looking at lots of wedding clips and photos in 1981 of beautiful princess diana
we always really liked her, she was such a princess
and now, i really love this modern day princess as well
i am really hoping they make it, they seem very much in love
and since she's older and a bit wiser than diana was, hopefully the odds are in her favor

i've watched many of the special tv episodes this week in preparation for the royal wedding.
i've got my tea ready along with mini quiche and wedding cookies for my own little reception
i don't think molly will be awake for the festivities, but if she is i'll gladly share in the excitement of the day

enjoy the wedding!

a look back...

one year ago today i left on a journey across the world that has changed my life
my feelings and emotions on april 28, 2010 were all wrapped around the stress of travel, packing, counting money, organizing important papers to take, and weighing all my luggage!

i knew it would be a life changing journey
at times my lack of faith lead to fear
i feared it was all a mistake
and then i would feel the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit reassuring me it was ok
one foot in front of the other
and so i continued

that 20 hour day of travel was difficult
eddie and i were squashed in the center aisle, middle seats
eddie's seat didn't recline, so he spent about 14 hours sitting straight up
i never offered him my seat:(  didn't even think about it until now!
i couldn't sleep, i couldn't relax
my baby was waiting for me!!!!

when we finally got to china we were so relieved!  
eddie was ready to explore and i was trying my best to take it all in and enjoy the moment
i was so happy to finally be on the same continent, the same country as my daughter

this was the beginning of a great and remarkable journey

some of these pictures were posted last year, however they deserve a second posting!
 this is us at the nashville airport
notice how tightly my luggage is packed?  oh how i stressed and stressed over this!  i packed and repacked many times.  what i needed more of...cooler clothes for me because i was so hot the entire trip!
see eddie's red's filled with protein bars, peanut butter, and random food that he had consumed by day 4 i think!  all his clothes were in that little black bag...not really but almost! ha!

the pic below is of my luggage being weighed.
i was so nervous that i would have to pay extra if it was over 50 pounds
but it wasn't!
that is why i took 2 smaller cases b/c i knew if i put it all in one large one it would be over the weight limit
it was harder to juggle 2 suitcases, one shoulder bag, a purse, and a backpack, but  i eddie managed!
if you are curious about airplane cuisine on an international you go
shrimp cocktail, salad, bread, and some kind of chicken dish
it wasn't horrible
 the in flight route...getting closer
 finally in china
 our beijing hotel room

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Molly's First Easter Weekend

molly had surgery bright and early on good friday
it was not a good friday for her:(
but hopefully, this will be her last surgery
the doctor had to remove one toenail from her third toe on her right foot
it grew back from last summer and grows sideways and very thick
so it's uncomfortable and needed to be removed.

she was so good that morning all the way through surgery
but when i went into the recovery room she was red hot mad!
she was trying to pull out her iv
tried to remove her bandages
fighting, crying, screaming
it was awful!

they got us out of there speedy fast! ha! 
and once we got home, watched cinderella, drank some milk, and had a nap she was back to her normal self!
her toes are a bit sore, but it hasn't slowed her down!
she's been wearing tennis shoes that are 2 sizes too big to protect her feet a bit.

this is Houdini, trying to escape her bandage when we got sad!

i thought some easter treats may help her recovery!

she wasn't so sure about the easter basket this morning

she finally tore into it and loved the snow white and belle barbie dolls she got!  her first barbies...

some sunglasses
cutest picture ever!
princess t shirt
magnifying glass
we wore her "real" easter dress last sunday because i wasn't sure how she'd feel this week after surgery
well, she felt pretty good but i didn't want to take her to church because she could only wear these big tennis shoes...superficial i know:(
we also had this more casual easter dress for her to wear and it was so cute for today!

check out all of the "smiles"...

she's saying "cheese", but not smiling

our house in spring...everything is so green and pretty
we enjoyed easter lunch at mama maze's with madison and eddie
notice madison's fancy earrings and necklaces!
how cute is this kid??
the 3 musketeers!

we had the easter egg hunt indoors because it was muddy outside and the mosquitoes were bad

it was a great day!
i hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family!
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