Monday, April 30, 2012

click clack moo

 it seems like i'm always running about a week behind with updates to my blog
it's the best i can do right now
life is busy and hectic and it looks like it will be this way for...oh the next 15 years probably???
 last Saturday morning molly and i headed downtown to the Nashville children's theater to watch a performance of click clack moo!
 it was super cute and molly really enjoyed it:)
 of course, you know she had the perfect dress for the occasion!
 this weekend i had a yard sale...crazy!  
why do i continually torture myself with yard sales??
i shouldn't go to them and i shouldn't have them, but it's a sickness in my family
my grandmother had it, my mom and aunts have it, and i have it too! ha!!!!

but, this weekend was really sentimental because i was clearing out and selling all of molly's baby bedroom furniture and decor...i almost cried:(

last year i took out her crib and replaced it with a toddler bed which she loved!
ms. independent loved having the freedom to get in and out of bed as she pleased. 
going from the baby bed to toddler bed wasn't so sentimental because i could still keep all of her sweet baby bed sheets, bedding, and the same color scheme/decorations in the room as we did when it was her nursery.  you can click back to here to see pictures of her first room!!  i fell in love and bought the girly doll dresses decor in 2006 way back when i was only in the paperwork stages of this adoption!  so it has been with me for many years as i waited for my girl to use it.  while we waited madison used it while she was at mom's house and eddie slept in it too, even though it was pink and girly!

but, now converting to a full big girl room has been very bittersweet for me.  we moved a full size bed and new furniture into her room this weekend.  i'm still waiting on her quilt to arrive.  it's all going to be super cute and i'll post pictures when i have it all complete...which may be a month or two from now. 

another reason we are all switching bedrooms is because we are getting our house ready for my mom to move in with us!  my mom retired from daycare (she had a home daycare for 19 years) and is selling her house/land (my childhood home) in order to 'downsize' and move in with molly and i.  we are excited to have her live with us, but it reuires a bit of adjustments and moving around in order to fit 3 females into a small 3 bedroom house! ha!  so mom is selling things and clearing out and so am i. 

i also moved into a smaller bedroom in my house in order to gve mom the larger bedroom/bath.  she has sacrificed greatly for me in her lifetime (letting me live with her rent free until i was 35 years old for example) and so now i get the priviledge of paying her back a little bit.  i told her the next 35 years are on me...hopefully molly will see this happen and will let me move into her house when she is an adult!  the circle of life!!

so, this was a big and busy weekend.  we sold a lot of "stuff", moved and set up 2 new bedrooms, and cleaned out a lot of stuff.  now, we have a lot of painting to do...bedroom walls and furniture mainly.

and i have more yard sales in my future because molly's toddler bed, changing table, and baby bedding didn't sell:(  those are the main things i wanted to get out of my garage!  but, now they are listed on craigslist...if you are in the middle tennesee area and need baby girl stuff let me know!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pre-K 3 Screening

Look at my little school girl!
Saturday was her "screening" for the 3 year old class she will go to in the fall
 She was super excited to go to "big school" and see new friends
 I think she is going to love it, once she gets the hang of it...

 It was really her hair kept flying everywhere
Exactly one minute after this photo was taken
all of her smiles turned to tears because she fell on one of those steps and skinned both knees and one hand!:(
Major trauma...because as you know once they have something like that happen, throwing them into a new situation (like big school) is not a good thing!
So there was a kind teacher who offered us some band aids and neosporin to which molly growled....
Then I had to complete some forms and the teachers came to call all of the kids to the classroom and
my child was the only one who was crying and wanting to be held.
those moments are so embarrassing!!!

so i walked her to the classroom and she got distracted for a moment looking at the playground and I took off...
once she got into the classroom she was ok.
I'm not sure she was so pleasant (b/c of course she had the grumps from her fall)
But, when she did come back she was smiling and said, "Mommy, I quit crying!"
and then, I was happy!!

{oh yeah, and the teacher told me she was "so smart"!}


Shaohannah's Hope is an orphan ministry created by Steven and Mary Beth Chapman that provides adoption grants for families and medical care for orphans with special needs.  I was fortunate to receive a grant from them when I adopted Molly.

For several years now they have presented Cinderella along with the Nashville Symphony as a fundraiser for their organization.  Last year I was fortunate to have some tickets to really good seats and we had a great night out.  This year I wasn't planning on attending, but at the last minute Show Hope sent an email to their families offering free tickets if we agreed to work for them that night.  

I was excited to see the performance again and this year I asked mom to go with us.  
Molly got dressed in her special Cinderella dress for the occasion and off we went.  

 They had "princesses" dressed up outside, but Molly was hesitant to go up to them again this year.
It's funny how she'll willingly go to the Easter Bunny, Santa, Barney, and Chuck E Cheese, but will not go up to princesses????

We had really great seats again this year...second row
But, unfortunately they changed the stage set up and the orchestra was right in front with the stage behind them.
So we really could not see anything:(
Molly tried to stand on my lap to see, but it wasn't working. 
So we left at intermission and did not get a chance to collect money for Show Hope which was at the end of the show.  
Maybe we'll try again next year.


It's been a jam packed week from Easter until today and I'm just now sorting through pictures.
We had a wonderful Easter weekend.
 The Easter Bunny came to our house!

 The Easter Bunny found a great deal on a Snow White Barbie Doll with her matching horse:)
 Molly loved brushing the horse hair

 She also got a little candy and other small toys to play with
She was happy with her finds...

 We got dressed up and went to church with Granny

 So hard to get a good picture of a smiling kid in the sunshine!!
 After church, I hosted everyone at our house for Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt!
This is Granny Maze and her youngest 4 great grandchildren...
Madison (6), Eddie (4), Kayla (4), and Molly (3)
 These 4 are so cute!  They played well together:)
 The oldest great grandchild is Kelsie, she is 16
 The whole crew...Aunt Faye, mom, eddie, me, Tiffany, and Granny (Ambre was taking the picture)
 We had a wonderful lunch of grilled chicken, asian cole slaw, hashbrown casserole, green bean casserole, strawberry salad, and lots of deserts.  So yummy!
Then we were ready for the egg hung...

 It was such a pretty day we brought one of the tables outside to sit and talk...and eat some more...
 Between the 3 moms, we had 3 dslr cameras going together...

 After we had the egg hunt we played ball and rode tricycles around the cul de sac 

It was a great day:)
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