Wednesday, August 11, 2010

molly cuteness

 molly is such a fashionista
 she loves all her accessories with her outfits
 the bows, ruffle socks, matching shoes, and diaper covers
 she is truly my child!
 i got this little sailor dress at the goodwill for $2 this summer
 i just love sailor dresses/clothes for summertime!
 she wouldn't exactly give me a good pose, but you can see her cuteness factor is way up the scale!!
 i can't get enough of this girl!
 being her mom is my greatest blessing
 i'm so lucky!
 i fall in love more and more each day, even though i don't even know how that is possible!
 it makes me think of the love of Christ and how much he must care for and love us, his children.
 We have been adopted by our Lord into the family of Jesus Christ
 I can't imagine a greater love if I had birthed her myself
 That is what God says of us, he loves us like his own son, Jesus Christ.
We are heirs of the king, co-heirs with Christ.  That should make you feel humbled today!


Becky said...

I love sailor dresses too - especially on fashionistas. Last Sunday my youngest daughter had the sailor dress she wore as a baby on her third daughter. Guess I got my money's worth from that one!

Beth McC. said...

I just love your blog and she is beyond precious! You have motivated more than you will ever know! Thank you again for sharing your story and your sweet girl with us!

Emily Doss said...

I LOVE this post and feel the exact same way about Manny. (minus the ruffle socks and dresses....)

Tricia Thompson said...

Great pictures of Molly. She is just adorable. I love that she is girlie too. Isn't it fun? Glad you have had a great adjustment time with her. Praying for you as you head back to school. It will be hard and it will seem like you have absolutely no time to see her but it gets better. Take care! Hugs to you and Molly!

groovy mama said...

Nice post and cute pics! She is a super sweet!

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